MOLYKOTE® Anti-Friction Coatings

for Plastic and Plastic/Metal Lubrication


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Type Water based air- and heat-curing AF Coating with good lubricity.
Typical applications Running-in of gears, plain bearings and sliding guides. Cold forging of metals incl. stainless steel.
  • Inflammable solvents
  • Water-dilutable
  • High pressure resistance
  • Compatible with oils and greases
  • Low coefficient of friction
Physical/chemical data
Colour Dark grey
  • Solid lubricants
  • Organic binder
  • Water
  • Inhibitors
  • Stabiliser
Service temperature range,°C -70 to +200
Drying time, 20 °C, min 15
Curing time, min/°C 40/20
Load carrying capacity, wear protection, service life
Falex pressure resistance, ASTM-D-2625, N p=11300, s=7900
Coefficient of friction
LFW-1, ASTM-D-2714
Rotating, n=72 rpm, v=7.9 m/min no. of revolutions x 1000 µ=0.1 p=343 (2860 N)
Oscillating, frequency=89.5 osc./min, no. of oscillations x 1000 to µ=0.08 p=76 (900 N)
Corrosion protection
Fretting corrosion (Deyber tester) 10 · 106
Surface covering capacity, m˛/kg 16
Storage life, years 1
Technical data sheet, no. 71-0073-01
Application method Apply a thin, even film by dipping or spraying onto degreased components. Life can be increased by phosphate or sand blast pre-treatment. Optimum film thickness is 15 µm. Cure after evaporation of solvent.
Packages Container: 5 kg
b = bright, p = phosphated, s = sand blasted
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