MOLYKOTEŽ Bearing Greases

BR 2 plus

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Type Universal heavy duty mineral oil grease containing molybdenum disulphide.
Typical applications Rolling-element bearings, sliding-contact bearings, sliding guides, rolling-element guides, joints, splined shafts, screw spindles, drive joints.
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Low oxidation, hence very suitable for longterm lubrication
  • Good resistance against water wash-out
  • ood corrosion protection
  • Good protection against fretting corrosion
Physical/chemical data
Colour Black
  • Mineral oil
  • Lithium soap
  • Solid lubricants
  • EP-additive
  • Corrosion inhibitor
Consistency, density, viscosity
Consistency, NLGI class 2
Worked penetration, mm/10 265 - 295
Density at 20°C, g/ml 0.89
Base oil viscosity, mm˛/s 114
Service temperature range,°C -30 to +130, short-term to +150
Load carrying capacity, wear protection, service life
Four-ball tester (DIN 51802 pt.4)
Weld load, N 3600
Wear scar under 800N load, mm 0.8
Speed, DN value, mm/min 450000
Corrosion protection
SKF-Emcor-method (DIN51802), degree of corrosion 0
Storage life, years 5
Technical data sheet, no. 71-0241-01
Application method Clean bearing surfaces.
Apply grease in the normal way using a brush, grease gun or automatic lubricating system.
Greases can be used in centralised lubrication systems.
Packages Tube: 100 g
Cartridge: 400 g
Tin: 1 kg
Containers: 5, 25, 50, kg
Drum: 180 kg
Combi: 24 cartridges plus hand gun
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