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Metal Protector plus

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Type Corrosion preventative wax solution in solvent.
Typical applications Components to be stored or shipped such as moulds, dies, machine tools, bearings or any other precision steel components.
  • Longterm corrosion protection
  • Compatible with lubricants
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Need not be removed before installation
  • Transparency permits easy identification of part numbers etc.
Physical/chemical data
Colour Colourless transparent
  • Synthetic wax
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Solvent
Density at 20 ░C, g/ml -
Service temperature range,░C -40 to +120
Flash point, closed cup, ░C -
Load carrying capacity, wear protection, service life
Corrosion protection
Salt spray test, ISO/R 1456, h 510
Surface covering capacity, m▓/spray (10 Ám thickness) 0.95
Storage life, years 5
Technical data sheet, no. 71-0151-01
Application method Spray onto clean surfaces. Drying time approx. 90 min at ambient temperature. Several coats can be applied to increase corrosion protection. Thinner coats can be obtained by diluting with white spirit.
Packages Aerosol: 400 ml
Containers: 5, 20 kg
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