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Type Highly refined and purified solid lubricant powders.
Typical applications Coating of metallic friction contacts which cannot be lubricated sufficiently with oil or grease due to high loads, low speed or unfavourable environmental influences.
For finely finished surfaces and highly alloyed steels with dense structure composition MOLYKOTE Microsize powder is the preferred product.
Incorporation as a friction reducing additive in plastics, elastomers and sintered metals.
  • Reduction of friction and wear
  • Resistant against oxidation
  • Excellent adhesion on metal surfaces
  • Extreme pressure resistance
  • Wide service temperature range
Physical/chemical data
Colour Black
  • Molybdenum disulphide
Density at 20 C, g/ml 4.80
Service temperature range,C -185 to +450
In hydrogen atmosphere, C to +700
In vacuum, C to +1100
In inert gas, C to +1300
Load carrying capacity, wear protection, service life
Almen Wieland machine, OK load, N >20000
Coefficient of friction
Press-fit-test, 0.06
Surface coverage, m/kg 5-10
Particle size, (Fisher), m 0.65 - 0.75
Storage life, years 5
Technical data sheet, no. 71-0203-01
Application method Burnish into degreased, dry surfaces.
Small parts can be tumbled.
For plastics, elastomeres and sintered metals mix into formulation before moulding.
Packages Tins: 1 kg
Containers: 5, 25 kg
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