for Plastic and Plastic/Metal Lubrication

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Type Silicone grease with wide service temperature range containing solid lubricants.
Typical applications Silent block bushings, video and audio cassettes, water pump packings, control cables, brake components, washing machines.
  • Low oxidation tendency, hence very suitable for longterm lubrication
  • High drop point
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Compatible with most plastics
Physical/chemical data
Colour White to pink
  • Silicone oil
  • Lithium complex thickener
  • Solid lubricants
  • EP additive
Consistency, density
Consistency, NLGI class 2-3
Worked penetration, mm/10 245 - 275
Density at 20 °C, g/ml 1.03
Base oil viscosity, mm2/s 200 (25 °C)
Service temperature range,°C -50 to +180
Drop point, °C +250
Load carrying capacity, wear protection, service life
Four-ball tester (DN 51350 pt. 4)
Weld load, N 2000
Coefficient of friction
Steel ball against plastic surface (POM), Ř ball=12.7 mm, load=6.3 N, v=10 mm/s, 24 h, µ 0.04
Oxidation resistance (DIN 51808), pressure drop 100 h, 99 °C, bar 0.1
Corrosion protection
SKF-Emcor-method (DIN 51802), degree of corrosion 0 - 1
Oil separation (DIN 51817), % 2.2
Storage life, years 5
Technical data sheet, no. 71-0133-01
Application method Clean bearing surfaces.
Apply grease in the normal way using a brush, grease gun or automatic lubricating system.
Can be used in centralised lubrication systems.

Due to the many different plastics available, compatibilty and performance tests should always be carried out with the material specified and the lubricant selected prior to their final use.

Packages Tin: 1 kg
Containers: 5, 25 kg
Drum: 180 kg
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