BIRKOSIT - sealing compound ®
for extreme conditions of temperature and pressure

Principal area of application in steam turbines and gas turbines

Application guidelines
for the product, BIRKOSIT - sealing compound

Pressure/temperature conditions in the turbines
[individual pressure zones]
-> Defined by type of turbine
-> Generally, the critical point for pressure is the turbine inlet
(~70 bar)
-> Generally, the critical point for temperature is the turbine inlet
 (~500 Grad)
-> Special case, turbine type "H" - 'pushed up':
Turbine inlet is critical point
(~120 bar/ 600 degrees) -> e.g. HNG 4056
[our product is also used]

Relevant working steps
1) Internal sealing surfaces (joints) - guide blade carriers

[BIRKOSIT - sealing compound
® is applied with a brush]
-> Consumption on average 1 to 2 tins


2) Squeezing off the turbine surfaces /pressure stage

[BIRKOSIT - sealing compound
® is used together with the gasket paper and applied with a spatula] 
-> Consumption on average 2 to 3 tins

3) Closing the casing halves of the pressure stage

[Apply BIRKOSIT - sealing compound
® to the joint surfaces thinly with a brush] 
-> Consumption on average 3 to 5 tins [individual pressure zones]

Individual steps in stage 3
1) Remove the hard top layer [protective layer] from the tin with a spatula.
2) Mix in linseed oil until a proportion of 1/10 is reached.
3) Apply to the joint surfaces with a brush.
4) Spread thinly.
5) The joint surfaces must be dry and machined
[and rubbed down] to the required precision.
6) Close the pressure stage casing halves.
7) BIRKOSIT - sealing compound
8) Any excess BIRKOSIT - sealing compound ® will be squeezed out of the joint.

Important note on work step 2

- Preparing the surfaces using engineering blue

-> Apply blue to sealing surface of one casing half
-> Match up second half (with blue print) exactly
[work unevenness of first half into second]

Important note on work step 3

The joint surfaces are milled with high precision [Ra = 0.8 to 1.2 µm]. In order provide the BIRKOSIT - sealing compound ® with an optimum adhesion surface, the joint surfaces are briefly ground using a finishing sander with 60-80 grade disc [where manufactured with sufficient precision not necessary].

Reconditioning intervals
- between 5 and 10 years
[or calculated in operating hours]

Product use by end-customers
- between 3 and 10 years



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