BIRKOSIT - sealing compound ®
for extreme conditions of temperature and pressure

Use of the product in the application area, metal-to-metal joints [Compressors]

Compressor Technology

The MH series of compressors is equipped with either cast or welded casings accommodating up to ten blade wheels in four stages. The design of this series of Siemens compressors is suitable for a wide range of process gases including many presenting processing difficulties such as oxygen or chlorine.

The compressors can be controlled by any kind of throttling, operating conditions, vanes or by running speed, making any kind of drive possible (electric motors, steam or gas turbines etc.).

The compressors can handle volumetric flows from 500 to 480,000 m³/h.
The discharge pressure with oxygen can be up to 50 bar;
for inert gases, this can be up to 70 bar.



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