Value Added:

asSawafi alThahabiyah Enterprise is not just a shop with products on shelves. Products  that you choose because you like their looks.
We work hard at providing Premium Branded Products, in Premium Condition:- 
--We keep track of shelf lives and expiry dates.
--We do not sell defective & out of date products.
--We  keep our products in storage conditions (under cover, air-conditioned, refrigerated, as the case requires)  that ensure the best possible  results on application, as had  been originally  designed into them.

asSawafi alThahabiyah Enterprise has invested in Technical Training, in Europe and the USA for it's staff. This is  in order to provide knowledgeable  responses  to any inquiries  received., rather than just opinions.
We do not waste our customers time in superficial answers to questions that could result in damaged equipment.

asSawafi alThahabiyah Enterprise has accumulated Technical Data, not just on their products, but on all possible competitive products, even those not available in the local market. This is to give us the ability  to give our customers comparative information on what to use.

asSawaf alThahabiyah Enterprise keeps track of its clients' needs of different products. We strive to Stock those products in sufficient quantities to shorten Lead Times. This Reduces Costs for our clients  on  Inventory held.
We have records of what was purchased by each customer for the last 16-19 years.

asSawafi alThahabiyah Enterprise provides Professional Consultative Information,
Technical Back-up and Support
Supply of Premium Products in Premium Condition, to customers interested in VALUE as well as PRICE.


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