Areas of Application:

asSawafi alThahabiyah Enterprise is Focused on providing SOLUTIONS for use in six inter-related area of application.    
SOLUTIONS that do not create other Problems when they are applied. These areas are:-

  • Keeping equipment clean, as a function of preventive maintenance. Also  to degrease equipment and components to find out what is malfunctioning.

  • Thread-locking, bonding, sealing, retaining, and gasket-making for machine parts and components.

  • Repairing surfaces through the use of Epoxy Compounds.

  • Lubricating machine parts subjected to high or sub-zero temperature, corrosive or unusual environments, high pressure, and low speeds. (These are situations where normal hydrocarbon-based lubricants fail).

  • Preventing and controlling corrosion on machinery, machine parts, electrical and electronic components, and control instruments.

  • Supplying labor-saving accessories related to the operation of mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment.

asSawafi alThahabiyah Enterprise  is the OLDEST Stocking Distributor in Saudi Arabia for the Promotion, Distribution  and Sale of Dow Corning’s Industrial RTV Adhesive/Sealants, and MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants. 

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