Partial List of Available Products:

New product: BIRKOSIT - sealing compound for extreme conditions of temperature and pressure

Online Sealing Products Dow Corning's OS-2 Organic Solvent, On-Line Sealing Products.

Solvents And Degreasers For Industrial Equipment Maintenance: Alkaline Degreasers, Liquid Steam Cleaners,  Glass Cleaner, Organic Solvent Degreasers, Safety Solvents, Solvent Emulsions, Acid Cleaners, Carbon And Paint Strippers. 

Engineering Adhesives: For:-Thread-locking ,Bonding (Cyanoacrylate Adhesives &  "Super Glues"), Sealing , Gasket Making, and Retaining.  O Ring Splicing Kits. 

Dow Corning Industrial RTV Silicone Rubber Adhesives/Sealants

Epoxy Compounds: Steel Filled Putty, Rapid Setting Steel Putty, Steel Filled Liquid, Stainless Steel Putty, Aluminum Filled Putty, Under- Water Epoxy, General Purpose Epoxy, Floor Fixer Epoxy, Epoxy Resin For Fiberglass Repairs, Fiberglass Repair Kits.

Molykote Specialty Lubricants: ( Compounds That Contain Solid Lubricants That Give Them Extreme Temperature And Pressure-Withstanding Capabilities) For:-  Assembly, Anti-seize, Bearings (plain & roller) ,Gears& Chains, Open Gears( and additives for Enclosed Gears), Wire Ropes, and Valves. Dry Lubrication, Liquid Lubrication, Silicone compounds, and Mould Release compounds.

Anti-Corrosion Products: Penetrating Oils, Rust Removers , Rust Converters. Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors:- for use in Enclosures, Indoors, Outdoors, Powder& Tablet Form, Additive Form, Packaging, Metal Processing,.....etc.
High Performance Coatings. Non-Slip Floor and Deck Coatings.

ESCO Oil Sight Glass: Providing Constant Bearing Oil Inspection with little or no effort.


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